SFI awards €2.7M to Hamilton Institute

SFI has awarded €2.7M to Prof. Doug Leith and Prof. Robert Shorten of the Hamilton Institute to continue their research into Next Generation Communication Networks. With additional costs and overheads the value to the university is approximately €4.1M.

Prof. Leith commented that “This award will build upon the foundation laid by researchers at the Hamilton Institute over the past six years, with the aim of reaching the level of technical breadth and critical mass necessary to create long-term impact both within Ireland and internationally.”

Prof. Shorten added that “The need for a principled understanding of complex network behavior is becoming widely recognized. Our approach has been to work at the interface between mathematics and its applications in networks, and it is the success of this inter-disciplinary approach in making real progress on challenging problems that underpins this new project. ”

Prof Doug Leith and Prof. Robert Shorten

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