Linear Algebra and Matrix Analysis

Linear algebra plays an important role in the solution of many applied problems; it is also a source of challenging theoretical questions in its own right. Techniques from linear algebra are used in areas such as information retrieval, decision making, population dynamics and systems and control theory.

The Linear Algebra group is engaged in a variety of research topics spanning theory and applications. We are interested in matrix stability theory and the use of linear algebra in dynamical systems and control. We are also active in combinatorial matrix theory and spectral graph theory as well as in tropical linear algebra and max algebra. The theory of nonnegative matrices and its applications in dynamical systems and modern communications is a topic of particular interest to the group. Some sample publications are listed below to give a flavour of our activities.

Group Members

Present Members Ollie Mason .

Past Members Buket Benek Gursoy, Vahid Bokharaie, Ryan Tifenbach, Jane Breen, Felix Goldberg, Steve Kirkland, Robert Shorten

Sample Publications

Combinatorial Matrix Theory and Spectral Graph Theory

Max Algebra

Nonnegative Matrices

Stability Theory and Dynamics