Applied Probability Group

The best mathematical description of many natural and engineered systems is a probabilistic one. This can be the case for a number of reasons:

  • the system is stochastic by design, such as medium access control algorithms in wireless networks that can be analyzed using using queueing theory;
  • the system operation depends on large amounts of heterogeneity in its components, such as in proliferating cell systems in biology that are studied in mathematical biology;
  • the system has many unknowns about which complete knowledge is not available in any single specific instance, but whose distributional character can be identified, as is the case in the study of communication channels in information theory.
The common theme of members of the Applied Probability Group is their use of probabilistic methodologies to analyse, understand and control stochastic systems. This work is principally focused on the area of telecommunications, but also in immunology.

A sample of recent papers

Communication Networks


Stochastic processes