2nd Hamilton Institute Workshop on
Nonnegative Matrices and Related Topics

July 9-12, 2006.


Mehmet Akar

Distributed Time Synchronization In Communication

Madalena Chaves

A Theoretical Framework for Analysis of Biochemical Networks

Tobias Damm

Positive evolutions and Riccati equations

Shmuel Friedland

Matchings and Independent Sets: Problems, Conjectures and Results

Leonid Gurvits

Hyperbolic Polynomials and Van der Waerden / Schrijver-Valiant like Conjectures

Daniel Hershkowitz

Positive Entries of Stable Matrices

Olga Holtz

The algebra of the principal minor assignment problem

Michael Karow

Interconnected systems with uncertain couplings: explicit formulae for -values, spectral value sets and stability radii

Steve Kirkland

Conditioning of the Entries in the Stationary Distribution of a Google-Type Matrix

Uli Krause

Nonlinear Perron-Frobenius Theory

Daniel Lee

Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Applications in Machine Learning

Izchak Lewkowicz

Comparative Stability and Interpolation

Raphael Loewy

Bounds on Exponents of K-Primitive Matrices

Oliver Mason

Theoretical Issues in the Analysis of Biological Interaction Networks

Judith McDonald

Combinatorial Properties of Eventually Nonnegative Matrices  

Michael Neumann

Transition Matrices for Well-Conditioned Markov Chains

Laure Ninove

Nonhomogeneous Markov Chains and Web Ranking

Carl Nuzman

A Non-Linear Generalization of Perron-Frobenius Theory

Pablo Parrilo


Robert J. Plemmons

Nonnegative Matrix and Nonnegative Tensor Factorizations with Applications

Uriel Rothblum

Nonlinear AIMD Congestion Control and Contraction Mappings

Siegfried Rump

Some norm-like functions for matrices

Hans Schneider

Generators, Extremals and Bases of Max Cones

Christof Schutte


Bryan Shader

Patterns of commuting nonnegative matrices

Naomi Shaked-Monderer

Double Soules Pairs and Matching Soules Bases

Helena Šmigoc

Spectrum of nonnegative matrices

Pauline van den Driessche

Sign Patterns that Allow a Positive Left Inverse



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