PhD Positions Now Closed.

Applications are invited for a number of PhD positions at the Hamilton Institute. Candidates should have an outstanding academic record.

We currently have opportunities in the following areas:

  • 802.11 Wireless Networks
    Topics of interest include Interference management, oppportunistic routing and throughput optimisation in multi-hop wireless mesh networks. Cross-layer interactions between link adaptation, MAC scheduler, routing and transport layers and related topics.

  • TCP & Network Congestion Control
    Applicationof dynamics systems theory to internet and related network congestion control problems. This includes decentralised design and adaptation techniques for TCP; stability, convergence, efficiency and fairness issues; novel protocols for heterogeneous networks including wireless links. Also th development of new models and measurement techniques tailored including design of network experiments; dynamic modelling for TCP design.

  • Hybrid Systems Theory
    Analysis and design of hybrid and switched linear systems. This includes both computational and analytical methodsand we are especially interested inapplications to adaptive/reconfigurableand heterogeneous systems.

  • Control issues in distributed systems
    There are a range of theoretical and practical issues in the cooperative control of a distributed system of vehicles, such as platoons of cars, UAVs etc. In particular, limited communications imposes some restrictions on the ability to achieve high control performance in a large distributed group of vehicles. There are a number of open research problems in this research area connecting control and communications.

  • Bipedal Walking Dynamics and Control
    Motivated by problems in RoboCup soccer, we wish to research, implement and test algorithms for highly agile, flexible, yet robust motion systems for bipedal walking. This includes examination of appropriate control system architectures, modelling and design of ‘low-level’ reaction feedback mechanisms, gait design, and transitions between different modes of operation.

  • Systems Biology – Networks and Dynamics
    Systems Biology is a broad field of study with a range of application areas. Within this field, studies of the dynamics of networks of bio-molecular reactions is of interest. These studies aim to give a deeper mathematical foundation to enhance our understanding of biological processes such as cell signalling networks; metabolic systems etc.

The Hamilton Institute is committed to research excellence. These posts offer an exciting opportunity for successful candidates to tackle fundamental research problems within a stimulating multi-disciplinary research environment with state of the art facilities and stronglinks to the international research community.
PhD Stipend: €21000 (tax free)

To apply, candidates should submit a detailed CV, motivation letter, and the names and addresses of three referees for letters of recommendation to: Informal enquiries to Prof. Doug Leith ( or Prof. Robert Shorten (

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