If you find our code useful we would appreciate that you reference and acknowledge us in your paper.If this code is modified or improved we ask that the modifications be shared with us.

All of this code is released under the GNU GPL v2.

H-TCP Linux Implementation

The HTCP algorithm is described our PFDLnet 2004 paper and Internet Draft draft-leith-tcp-htcp-00.txt. More details here.

  • 2.6 H-TCP patches with SACK processing performance improvements (for Linux 2.6.6)
  • H-TCP is available in the Linux kernel as of 2.6.13, but an error was introduced that was not fixed until 2.6.16. If you are conducting tests of H-TCP, please use Linux kernel version 2.6.16 and above or contact us for the appropriate patch to the previous versions.
  • A report on the 2.6.6 patches for SACK performance improvement is also available (349KB Compressed Postscript).
  • Older work for 2.4 H-TCP patch (Linux 2.4.23,
    including changes to Linux TCP implementation to improve performance in high-speed networks -
    see report for details).

If you have a question or an issue with these patches you can contact Baruch Even.

H-TCP ns-2 Implementation

  • Latest ns-2 simulator patch.

Alternate AIMD – HI2005 experiments

NS Scripts for TCP benchmarking – See also experimental measurements

BIC in Linux fixes