HM801 (TGI_M03) Detailed Schedule

Provisional Schedule

  • Tuesday 29th April, Lecture 1: Real-world networks: their structure, dynamics and statistics.
    Introduction to Erdös-Rényi graphs.

  • Wednesday 30th April, Lecture 2: Analysis of Erdös-Rényi graphs (e.g. degree distribution,
    triangles, diameter) using the probabilistic method. Introduction to phase

  • Thursday 1st May, Lecture 3: Giant Component and Connectivity of Erdös-Rényi graphs.
    Branching process approximations and coupling. Stein-Chen method for
    Poisson approximations.

  • Friday 2nd May, Lecture 4: Configuration model of random graphs. Distances and percolation
    ins such graphs.

  • Tuesday 6th May, Lecture 5: Models of real-world networks (small-worlds and preferential
    attachment), Yule branching process and martingale methods.

  • Wednesday 7th May, Lecture 6: Clustering in networks, Stochastic block model, clustering
    algorithms (modularity and spectral clustering)

  • Thursday 8th May, Lecture 7: Dynamics on Networks (random walks and their algorithmic
    implications, epidemic models, computation and information diffusion) and
    spectral graph theory

  • Friday 9th May, Lecture 8: Network control, models of viral marketing and competition in