Schools Mathematics Grand Challenge


22 October 2007

NOTICE CONCERNING MID-TERM: As next week is mid-term, we will post the problems for weeks 3 and 4 together this Friday. Solutions for both week 3 and week 4 will be due in two weeks on Monday the 12th of November.

RAFFLE FOR HMV VOUCHERS: After mid-term we will hold a raffle each week for a 50 euro HMV voucher. To be entered in the raffle, all you have to do is submit answers for that week's problems.

20 October 2007

As some schools are only getting visits this week, we are extending the closing date for the first week's puzzles.

15 October 2007

The first weeks problems are now available!

8 October 2007

We are visiting schools this week and the first problems will be available next week.

19 February 2007

The problems for week 8 are now available, but because of the mid-term break they you have two weeks to do them. The answers are due by midnight on Sunday 4th March.

8 February 2007

The results of the raffle for weeks 4 and 5 are now known! HMV vouchers have been won by students in the following schools:

  • Coláiste Chiaran, Leixlip;
  • Coláiste Bríde, Clondalkin;
  • St. Marks Community School, Tallaght;
  • St. Wolstan's Community School, Celbridge;
  • Scoil Mhuire Community School, Clane;
  • Coláiste Chilliain, Clondalkin;
  • Hartstown Community School, Clonsilla.

Remember that each week you attempt a problem, you have a chance to win a 50 euro voucher!

30 January 2007

At the end of week 3, the top 5 schools in alphabetical order are:

  • Castleknock Community College,
  • Coláiste Chiaran (Leixlip),
  • Mount Temple Comprehensive School,
  • St. Killian's CS,
  • St. Wolstan's Community School.

However, there is a large pack of schools nipping at their heels!

13 December 2006

The solutions for week 1 are now available.

7 December 2006

Starting from the 29th of January 2006, we will hold a raffle once per week for the rest of the competition. Each week, we will randomly select four different participants, and each of those selected will win a 50 euro voucher for HMV. However, the more questions you have attempted, the more chances of winning you will have! In order to be entered for each week's raffle, you MUST HAVE ATTEMPTED ONE OF THE PREVIOUS WEEK'S PUZZLES. For example, to be entered in the raffle on the 29th of January, you must attempt at least one of the questions posted on the 22nd of January). You get one raffle ticket for each puzzle you have attempted during the competition and an extra ticket for each correct answer.

4 December 2006

The Maths Grand Challenge will take a break over Christmas. The next set of puzzles, (numbers 10, 11 and 12) will be posted on the website on Monday the 22nd of January, 2007.

Over the break, we will put solutions to the first 9 puzzles on the website.

20 November 2006

The first set of problems is now available. Good luck!

7 November 2006

Visits to schools will begin soon for the 2006-2007 competition. This year we will have a larger number of schools involved.

13 February 2006

Many of you will be on mid-term this week. So, the solutions to problems 7 and 8 are not due until 26 February. Problems 9 and 10 will become available on the 20 February and are also due on the 26th.

10 February 2006

Due to a technical fault, the maths challenge website was unavailable on the afternoon of Thursday, the 9th February and the morning of Friday the 10th of February. For this reason, the week 3 puzzles will remain on the website until 2.30 pm on Tuesday, the 14th of February. You will be able to submit solutions to problems 5 and 6 (from week 3) up to that time. Problems 7 and 8 will be made available on Monday as usual.

2 December 2005

The NUIM Grand Challenge team will be hosting a lunch for teachers from selected schools on 2 December.


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