Ireland’s first real-time excess mortality tracker

Our new app provides always up-to-date information on how many people are dying in Ireland compared to previous years' levels

How many COVID-19 cases has Ireland really had?


We account for under reported figures, and show how much larger the first wave was compared to the second

Update to vaccination app

We have improved our vaccination app to now include the ability to identify those who have recovered from the disease and those who have been vaccinated

€2 billion: the money we didn't put on our credit cards due to COVID-19

We look at the effect of the lockdowns on credit card spending from March until November

Analysing traffic patterns in response to the new COVID-19 restrictions in Ireland

People are still responding to the lockdowns across the country

Even with an effective vaccine the virus won’t disappear overnight

Vaccination planning for 2021

Did level 3 work for Ireland?

We explore whether the level 3 & 4 restrictions imposed on Dublin, Donegal, Cavan, and Monaghan, were having an effect before the entire country moved to to level 5

Is shielding the elderly a useful strategy in Ireland?

If we let the virus run through the younger population we are unlikely to halt the wave of deaths that would follow

Covid-related deaths 50% higher in Dublin’s most deprived districts

Postings to reveal the unequal burden of Covid-19 deaths in Dublin.

How hard is it to predict COVID-19 cases?

Short answer: very hard!

Where did Ireland import its COVID-19 cases from?

It probably wasn't your skiing trip in Italy

How long will COVID-19 last in Ireland?

Short answer: most likely a very long time

Just a bad flu?

No, Covid-19 killed more in one month than the worst seasonal flu in recent years did in three months

Re-emerging Indicators of Excess Mortality in Ireland

excess mortality

Postings to indicated excess mortality in northeast Laois hit double normal levels in summer---immediately prior to the county's regional lockdown.

Was there a spike in COVID-19 cases due to the differently-timed lockdowns along the Irish border?


Short answer: no

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