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My name is Gavin McCullagh. This page has some bits and pieces relating to me. Apologies for my lack of visual design skills. You can contact me by sending email to gmccullagh at gmail dot com.


I currently work as a research assistant in the network research group of the Hamilton Institute in NUI Maynooth. My main research interest here is advanced TCP congestion control as well as various other aspects of TCP/IP including the odd attack, helping fix the odd bug in the Linux TCP stack [1, 2, 3], etc.

I previously worked as a systems developer/administrator in Griffith College Dublin. Prior to that, while completing my PhD in the chemistry department at UCD, I worked for periods as an undergraduate laboratory instructor and part-time in the School of Celtic Studies in the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies as a LaTeX/TeX assistant and LAMP developer.

Prior to this I worked part-time and a few summers for Irish Times Electronic Publishing, aka. It was there that I first learnt about SQL, Cold Fusion, Javascript and even a little Perl. I was mainly involved in the development side of web based database sites and apps. This was great fun at the time and probably the time when I became really interested in computer stuff.

During spare evenings, along with Rowland, Stephen and Joanne, I spend time setting up and running an Edubuntu LTSP network in my old school, Mount Temple Comprehensive School. As part of that project, I try to help out on the edubuntu-users community mailing list. If you're interested in Edubuntu, I'm trying to gather together a list of edubuntu resources.

A few publically available projects I've been involved in over the time:

I also spent a summer as technician in a food science lab for Kerry Ingredients, Beloit, Wisconsin. Before that I'd been a bar tender, lounge boy, deck hand and kitchen porter.


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Also published in The Virtual Journals of Biological Physics Research and Nanoscale Science & Technology
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Short Docs & Howtos:

Using Bootchart to profile the booting of Edubuntu Feisty Thin Clients HTML
An experimental DoS attack on TCP (brief draft only) HTML
ILUG Beginners' Linux Guide — About UNIX shells HTML
Debian-edu/Skolelinux — Squid/LDAP Authentication HTML
A brief study of Navini Networks' Ripwave Modem diagnostic tool. HTML
Experiences using Irish Broadband's Ripwave product with linux and Blueface for VoIP HTML
Use of the Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics through a firewall. PDF PS HTML
Using GPRS/CSD Modem of Siemens S45 on the O2 Ireland Network HTML
Using the graphicx package with both pdfLaTeX and LaTeX HTML
Embedding the Base-14 fonts (Times, Helvetica, ...) in PDFs with LaTeX HTML


A (slightly nasty but) working C++ code which uses the Verlet Weis Corrected Percus Yevick Approximation to accurately predict g(r) for a Hard Sphere Fluid.
NB: The g(r) produced is only good for r<=3.
tar.bz2 tar.gz
A (rather trivial) C++ code which calculates the Thermodynamic Parameters (Compressibility, Free Energy, Z) of a Hard Sphere Fluid using the Carnahan Starling Equation of State tar.bz2 tar.gz
smsmet — A script written for the Elza Interpreter to automate sending SMS text messages via the Meteor Ireland Website v0.02
A quick 'n' dirty user simulator for simulating the load of a user on a linux desktop html
The author accepts no responsibility for the use of this software and provides it on an ``as is'' basis without express or implied warranty. In short: if it breaks, you get to keep the pieces.


A very basic LaTeX class and template for presenting a thesis in University College Dublin. tar.gz tar.bz2