Exploit prediction to handle mobility in wireless ad hoc networks

Dr. X. Li
1 March 2012
Node mobility is often a hindering factor of the networking process in wireless ad hoc networks. In this talk, we will introduce our two recent works that address this problem through a prediction approach.

The first work proposes an AutoRegressive Hello protocol (ARH) for mobile ad hoc networks. A hello protocol is a basic tool for neighborhood discovery. It requires nodes to claim their existence/aliveness by periodic ‘hello’ messages. ARH evolves along with network dynamics by predicting node mobility, and seamlessly tunes itself to obtain ‘hello’ frequency using local knowledge only.

The second work proposes a distributed Prediction-based Secure and Reliable routing framework (PSR) for wireless body area networks. In this protocol, each node predicts the quality of every incidental link and any change in the neighbor set too, based on an autoregressive model. According to the prediction result, it selects routing next hope and decides whether to enables/disables source authentication.
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