Advances in non-linear distortion methods of synthesis and processing of musical signals

Dr. V. Lazzarini
23 March 2011
Non-linear distortion methods form a set of elegant and computationally economic methods of synthesis and processing for musical applications. Among these, we find the famous Frequency Modulation synthesis, as developed by Chowning and made popular by Yamaha. In addition, various other techniques, including Discrete Summation Formulae, Waveshaping and Phase distortion, can be cast in the same group (and often be given alternative interpretations) of non-linear distortion methods. Research in the area has been very limited since the mid nineties, until a recent series of developments spurred new interest in these ideas. In this talk, I will first introduce briefly the principles of non-linear distortion, providing an overview of the area. I will then follow this with a tour of recent work, which will include adaptive methods, virtual analogue models and analysis-synthesis applications.
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