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Date Title
  Feb 17, 2006 Hysteresis operators and fluid models of queueing networks. Dr. Oleg Rasskazov, Department of Applied Mathematics, UCC.
  Jan 13, 2006 On the free energy of a Brownian directed polymer. Dr. John Moriarty, UCC.
    Spring Seminar Series List
  Dec 14, 2005 ICA of fMRI ---and of Complex-valued--- Data. Tulay Adali, Department of CSEE, University of Maryland, Baltimore County.
  Nov 30, 2005 Oscillation and Periodicity in Stochastic Systems. John Appleby, DCU.
  Nov 18, 2005 Introduction to Intellectual Property. Dr. John Scanlan, Technology Transfer Executive, NUI Maynooth.
  Nov 9, 2005 Tail Asymptotics of Subadditive Processes and Queueing Networks. Marc Lelarge, UCC.
  Nov 1, 2005 Self Organization of Interfering 802.11 Wireless Access Networks. Dina Papagiannaki, Intel Research Cambridge, UK.
  Oct 27, 2005 Adaptive Information Access and the Quest for the Personalization-Privacy Sweetspot. Barry Smyth, Adaptive Information Cluster, Department of Computer Science, UCD.
  Oct 7, 2005 Joint Scheduling, Routing and Congestion Control in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks. R. Srikant, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  Oct 4, 2005 New Sampling Methods in Network Measurement. Nick Duffield, ATandT Labs-Research, NJ, USA.
  Sep 30, 2005 Requiem for the Spike. Peter Latham, Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit, University College London.
  Sep 27, 2005 Hamilton Bicentenary Year 2005 Public Lecture Series - Venue: Royal Irish Academy; Time: 7 p.m. Industrial mathematics in Bell Labs: Past and Present. Debasis Mitra, VP Maths Centre, Bell Labs.
  Sep 23, 2005 Actuated Sensor Networks. Prof. Gregory Pottie, UCLA.
  Sep 14, 2005 In Vivo Voltammetry: Real-Time Analysis of Neuronal Signalling, Drug Actions and Behaviour. Dr. John P. Lowry, Conway Institute, UCD.
  Sep 8, 2005 The Future of Machines. Professor Sir Alistair MacFarlane.
  Aug 26, 2005 Bayesian Inference in Kernel Learning and Gaussian Process Classification Problems. Dr. Mark Girolami, Bioinformatics Research Centre, Department of Computing Science, University of Glasgow.
  Aug 25, 2005 Evolutionary Design Principles of Bacterial Chemotaxis. Dr. Jens Timmer, FDM and Dept. of Mathematiocs and Physics, University of Freiburg, Germany.
  Aug 11, 2005 How Hard are Random Problems? Phase Transitions in Satisfiability and Graph Coloring. Prof. Cristopher Moore, University of New Mexico, USA.
  Jul 29, 2005 Improving our Evaluation of Transport Protocols. Dr. Sally Floyd, ICSI Center for Internet Research (ICIR), Berkeley, CA, USA.
  Jul 27, 2005 QFT Non-diagonal Controllers for Uncertain MIMO Systems. Dr. Marta Barreras Carracedo, Automatic Control and Computer Science Department, Public University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain.
  Jun 24, 2005 Distributed Coordination and Consensus in Mobile Agents: From Bird Flocking and Fish Schooling to Synchronization of Coupled Oscillators. Prof. Ali Jadbabaie, Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, USA.
  Jun 24, 2005 Call Admission Policies for DS-CDMA Cellular Networks Based on Power Control Setpoints. Prof. Derong Liu, IEEE Fellow, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA.
  Jun 17, 2005 Validation of Biochemical Network Models using Robust Control Theory. Dr. Declan Bates, Department of Engineering, University of Leicester, UK.
  May 31, 2005 An Overview of Computational and Theoretical Immunology. Alan S. Perelson, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA.

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