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Date Title
  Nov 23, 2006 Systems Biology of Sponges - Understanding the evolution of integration in animals - new input from systems biology? Dr. Michael Nickel, Department of Zoology, Biological Institute, Stuttgart University
  Nov 6, 2006 IP Multicast Routing. Karl Jeacle, Eircom.
  Nov 3, 2006 Complex Networks and Control. David J. Hill, Federation Fellow, Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering, The Australian National University.
  Oct 13, 2006 State-Space Time-Series Gaussian Processes in Dynamic Systems Modelling. Keith Neo, Hamilton Institute, NUI Maynooth.
  Oct 12, 2006 Absolute Stability of Time Varying Control Systems. Application to the Control of Wheeled Robots. Dr. Lev Rapoport, Institute of Control Sciences, Moscow.
  Sep 25, 2006 Sequence Learning and Consolidation in a Probabilistic Model of Hippocampal Coding. Prof. Sue Becker, Department of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour, McMaster University.
  Sep 13, 2006 Some Asymptotics for Random Graphs. Anatolii Puhalskii, Colorado University at Denver.
  Aug 24, 2006 Multi-Target Tracking in Visual Images - Finding, Following and Identifying Football Players During a Game. Dr. Josephine Sullivan, NADA, KTH, Stockholm.
  Aug 22, 2006 Systems Approaches to Robustness Analysis of Circadian Oscillators. Frank Doyle, Chemical Engineering/Biomolecular Science and Engineering/Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA.
  Aug 10, 2006 Cooperative Communication for Wireless Networks. Prof. Sriram Vishwanath, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Texas, Austin.
  Jul 20, 2006 An Equivalence Principle for the Incorporation of Favorable Mutations in Asexual Populations. Noam Shoresh, Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School.
  Jun 21, 2006 Control, Systems Biology and Communication Networks. Rick Middleton, The University of Newcastle, Australia
  Jun 9, 2006 An Approach to the Analysis and Control of Nonlinear/Uncertain Systems. Martin Corless, School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
  Jun 7, 2006 Control and System Theory for Biochemical Reaction Networks. Jan H. van Schuppen, CWI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  May 31, 2006 Epidemics on Networks. Ayalvadi Ganesh, Microsoft Research Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.
  May 29, 2006 Next Generation CiteSeer: CiteSeerx. Dr. C. Lee Giles, David Reese Professor, School of Information Sciences and Technology, Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, Professor, Supply Chain and Information Systems, The Pennsylvania State University.
  May 29, 2006 Fixing Two Weaknesses of the Spectral Method for Graph Partitioning. Kevin J. Lang, Yahoo! Research.
  May 22, 2006 Unwanted traffic: Attacks, detection, and potential solutions. Balachander Krishnamurthy, ATandT Labs--Research.
  Apr 21, 2006 Predictive Distributed Channel-Adaptive Fair Allocation for IEEE 802.11e WLAN. Prof. Stephen McLaughlin, Signals and Systems Group, School of Engineering and Electronics, University of Edinburgh.
  Apr 20, 2006 Congestion Based Routing strategies in multi-hop TDD-CDMA networks. Prof. Stephen McLaughlin, Signals and Systems Group, School of Engineering and Electronics, University of Edinburgh.
  Mar 24, 2006 New 'Dimensions' in Genome Annotation. Bernhard O. Palsson, Department of Bioengineering, UCSD, USA.
  Mar 23, 2006 Seamless Self-Assembly of Files in Cache Networks at Minimal Storage Cost. Ed Coffman, Columbia University, USA.
  Mar 15, 2006 Oscillators, 1/f noise, and stock market fluctuations. James Gleeson, School of Mathematical Sciences, UCC.
  Mar 7, 2006 Feedback Control of Network Intrusion Detectors. Joao B. D. Cabrera, Scientific Systems Compnay, Inc. Woburn, MA, USA.
  Mar 3, 2006 Biological Functionality in Gene and Drug Networks. Prof. Roy Kishony, Department of Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School, Boston.

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