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Date Title
  Sep 27, 2007 Stochastic Modelling of the Immune Response. Ken Duffy and/or Vijay Subramanian, Hamilton Institute, NUIM.
  Sep 25, 2007 NUIM RoboCup Proposal. Prof. Rick Middleton. Venue Computer Science Lab 3, Callan Building, 4-5p.m.
  Sep 19, 2007 Multivariable Control of Motion Systems. Mr. Matthijs Boerlage, Department of Mechanical Engineering, TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  Aug 28, 2007 A Point-Based Algorithm for Multiple 3D Surface Alignment of Drug-Sized Molecules. Daniel Baum, Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB).
  Jul 9, 2007 Stephen Farrell, TCD.
  Jun 21, 2007 Using Convex Optimization for Nonparametric Statistical Analysis of Point Processes. Professor Todd P. Coleman, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Neuroscience Program, Coordinated Science Laboratory, Beckman Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  Jun 14, 2007 E=mc^2: Energising Wireless Mesh Networks with Multipath Code Casting. Ms. Wenjun Hu, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory.
  Jun 5, 2007 Classification of Time-Embedded EEG Using Short-Time Principal Component Analysis. Professor Chuck Anderson, Department of Computer Science, Colorado State University.
  May 30, 2007 Systems Biology at FCC - From Theory to Application. Dr. Henning Schmidt, Fraunhofer Chalmers Research Centre (FCC), Gothenburg, Sweden.
  May 17, 2007 Making Machines Listen. Paris Smaragdis, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories.
  May 15, 2007 Applications of Probability in Genetics, Ecology and Population Genetics. Dr. John Moriarty, UCC.
  May 11, 2007 Commercialisation Seminar. Dr. John Scanlan, Technology Transfer Executive, NUI Maynooth.
  May 10, 2007 Lazy Functional Generation of Musical Sounds. Professor Jerzy Karczmarczuk, Dept. of Comp. Science, University of Caen, France.
  May 9, 2007 Differentiation and Integration by cells: The Cellular Calculus. Professor Phil Hodgkin, Head, Immunology Division, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Victoria, Australia.
  Apr 25, 2007 Evolutionary Escape on Fitness Landscapes. Niko Beerenwinkel, Harvard University, Program for Evolutionary Dynamics.
  Apr 24, 2007 Dimer Configurations and Interlaced Particles on the Cylinder, and Interlacing with RSK-type Dynamics. Tony Metcalfe, Boole Centre for Research in Informatics, UCC.
  Mar 28, 2007 Queues in Series, Combinatorial Correspondences, and Determinants. Dr. Ton Dieker, Boole Centre for Research in Informatics, UCC.
  Mar 22, 2007 Modelling the Immune Response using Probabilistic Concepts. Professor Phil Hodgkin, Head, Immunology Division, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Victoria, Australia.
  Mar 21, 2007 Analysis of Metabolic Responses. Dr. Fernando Ortega, School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham.
  Feb 23, 2007 Surprises in Experimental Assessment of WLAN Systems. Giuseppe Bianchi, Universiti di Roma Tor Vergata.
  Feb 21, 2007 Modelling Environmental Fluctuations in Biochemical Systems. Andrea Rocco, Department of Statistics, University of Oxford, United Kingdom.
  Feb 19, 2007 Selected Problems in Automotive Vehicle State Estimation. Dr. Jens Kalkkuhl, DaimlerChrysler AG, Germany.
  Feb 2, 2007 Professor Harold Thimbleby, Future Interaction Technology Lab, Swansea University, Wales.
  Jan 17, 2007 Metastability of Markovian Systems. Dr. Wilhelm Huisinga, Research Group "Computational Physiology", and Hamilton Institute, NUIM, Ireland.
  Dec 13, 2006 An Investigation of the Empirical Mode Decomposition Based on Genetic Algorithm Optimization Schemes. Professor Stephen McLaughlin, Signals and Systems Group, School of Engineering and Electronics, University of Edinburgh.

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