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Date Title
  Sep 8, 2003 From feedback control to complexity management: A personal perspective. Prof. K.S. Narendra, Yale University, U.S.A.
  Sep 5, 2003 Image and Signal Processing for Robocup. Prof. R. Middleton, University of Newcastle, Australia.
  Sep 4, 2003 Ethics and Science. Prof. H. Rosenbrock, F.R.S., Emeritus Professor UMIST, United Kingdom.
  Sep 3, 2003 Quantum Dynamics and Dynamic Programming. Prof. H. Rosenbrock, F.R.S., Emeritus Professor UMIST, United Kingdom.
  Aug 21, 2003 Embedding of Dynamical Systems. Dr. J. Huke, Dept. of Mathematics, University of Manchester, United Kingdom.
  Jul 30, 2003 The Inerter: A New Modelling Component - Concepts and Application. Prof. Malcolm Smith, Dept. of Engineering, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.
  Jul 29, 2003 Classical Complexity and Quantum Entanglement. Prof. Leonid Gurvitz, Los Alamos National Laboratory, U.S.A.
  Jul 23, 2003 Neuroimaging for Computer Scientists and EEs. Roland R. Lee, MD.
  Jul 2, 2003 A Principled Approach to Clustering. Dr. Susanne Still, Dept. of Physics, Princeton University, U.S.A.
  Jun 19, 2003 Scalable TCP for Highspeed Wide Area Networks: Implementation Results and Future Directions. Tom Kelly, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.
  Jun 18, 2003 Emerging Methods in System Estimation. Dr. Brett Ninness, School of electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Newcastle, Australia.
  Jun 17, 2003 Unsupervised Imagery Fusion and Real World Applications. Prof. Harold Szu, Digital Media RF Lab, George Washington University, Washington DC and US Office of Naval Research
  May 23, 2003 Semidefinite Programming in Systems and Control. Professor R. Balakrishnan, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, U.S.A.
  May 20, 2003 Blind Separation of Speech Mixtures via Time-Frequency Masking. Scott Rickard, Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics, Princeton University, U.S.A.
  May 9, 2003 Theoretical Limits on Distributed Congestion Control. Professor F. Kelly, Department of Mathematics, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.
  Apr 10, 2003 Pattern Formation in Plasma Columns and Leopards. Dana Mackey, School of Mathematical Sciences and National Centre for Plasma Science and Technology (DCU).
  Apr 9, 2003 Gesture Recognition, Manual Control and Mobile Devices. Dr. Roderick Murray-Smith, Department of Computing Science, University of Glasgow.
  Apr 2, 2003 Making Wavelets. Dr. Paul Curran, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University College Dublin.
  Mar 20, 2003 Gittins Indices and Exploration Bonuses. Professor P. Dayan, The Gatsby Institute, University College London, United Kingdom.
  Mar 14, 2003 Automated Network Management - The Search for the Holy Grail. Prof. Joseph S. Sventek, Department of Computing Science, University of Glasgow.
  Mar 7, 2003 Aspects of Drive-by-Wire Systems. Prof. Jens Kalkkuhl, DaimlerChrysler Research.
  Feb 21, 2003 Blind Separation of Magnetoencephalographic Data. Barak Pearlmutter, NUI Maynooth.
  Dec 5, 2002 Terminal Region Stability of Model Predictive Control for Nonlinear Systems with Input/State Constraints. Professor John O'Reilly, Centre for Systems and Control and Dept. of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, The University of Glasgow, Scotland.
  Dec 2, 2002 Extracting Brain Dynamics from Single Channel Data. Prof. David Lowe, Neural Computing Research Group, Aston University.
  Nov 25, 2002 On Exponential Growth of Linear Parameter Varying Systems. Dr. Fabian Wirth, University of Bremen, Germany.

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