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Year Authors Title
  2009 S. Strachan, R. Murray-Smith Bearing-based selection in Mobile Spatial Interaction Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 13(4) [bibtex]
  2008 R. Murray-Smith, J. Williamson, S. Hughes, T. Quaade and S. Strachan Rub the Stane ACM SIGCHI, Florence, Italy 2008 [bibtex]
  2008 S. Strachan, R. Murray-Smith GeoPoke: Rotational Mechanical Systems Metaphor for Embodied Geosocial Interaction NordiCHI 2008 [bibtex]
  2008 R. Murray-Smith, S. Strachan Rotational Dynamics for Design of Bidirectional Feedback during Manual Interaction Fun and Games, Second International Conference, Markopoulos, P. Ruyter, B.D. Ijsselsteijn, W. Rowland, D. (Eds.), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 5294, p1-10 [bibtex]
  2007 Steven Strachan Multimodal, Embodied and Location-Aware Interaction. PhD Thesis, Hamilton Institute, NUI Maynooth, Ireland. [bibtex]
  2007 S. Strachan, R. Murray-Smith, S. O'Modhrain BodySpace: inferring body pose for natural control of a music player Proc. ACM SIG CHI Conference, San Jose, 2007 [bibtex]
  2007 S. Strachan, J. Williamson, R. Murray-Smith Show me the way to Monte Carlo: density-based trajectory navigation Proceedings of ACM SIG CHI Conference, San Jose, 2007 [bibtex]
  2006 J. Williamson, S. Strachan, R. Murray-Smith, Its a Long Way to Monte-Carlo: Probabilistic GPS Navigation Proceedings of Mobile HCI 2006, Helsinki, 2006. [bibtex]
  2005 S. Strachan, P. Eslambolchilar, R. Murray-Smith, S. Hughes, S. O'Modhrain gpsTunes - controlling navigation via audio feedback Proc. Mobile HCI 2005. [bibtex]
  2004 S. Strachan, R. Murray-Smith Muscle Tremor as an Input Mechanism Proc. UIST 2004, Santa Fe [bibtex]
  2004 S. Strachan, R. Murray-Smith, I. Oakley, J. ´┐Żngeslev´┐Ż Dynamic Primitives for Gestural Interaction Proc. Mobile HCI, 2004. [bibtex]

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