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  2013 W. M. Griggs, R. H. Ordóñez-Hurtado, S. S. K. Sajja, A. Lanzon and R. N. Shorten Characterisations of the "mixed" small gain and passivity property for linear systems in discrete time European Control Conference 2013, Zurich, Switzerland, pp2597-2602 [bibtex]
  2012 Sajja Surya Shravan Kumar Stability Results for Constrained Dynamical Systems PhD Thesis, Hamilton Institute, NUI Maynooth [bibtex]
  2012 W. M. Griggs, S. S. K. Sajja, B. D. O. Anderson and R. N. Shorten Extending small gain and passivity theory for large-scale system interconnections 2012 American Control Conference, Montréal, Canada, pp6376-6381 [bibtex]
  2012 W. M. Griggs, S. S. K. Sajja, B. D. O. Anderson and R. N. Shorten On interconnections of "mixed" systems using classical stability theory Systems & Control Letters, 61(5), pp676-682 [bibtex]
  2010 Ezra Zeheb, Robert Shorten and S. Shravan K. Sajja Strict positive realness of descriptor systems in state space International Journal of Control, 83(9), pp1799–1809. DOI: 10.1080/00207179.2010.496094 [bibtex]
  2010 Shravan Sajja, Selim Solmaz, Robert Shorten, and Martin Corless Preservation of Common Quadratic Lyapunov Functions and Pad´e Approximations IEEE Conference on Decision and Control [bibtex]
  2010 Robert Shorten, Martin Corless, Shravan Sajja, Selim Solmaz On Pad´e Approximations and the Preservation of Quadratic Stability for Switched Linear Systems Systems and Control Letters [bibtex]

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