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Year Authors Title
  2006 A. Crossan, R. Murray-Smith, Rhythmic Interaction for Song Filtering on a Mobile Device, Haptic and Audio Interaction Design Proc. First International Workshop, HAID 2006, Glasgow, UK, August 31 - September 1, p45-55, 2006. [bibtex]
  2005 A. Crossan, R. Murray-Smith, S. Brewster, J. Kelly, B. Musizza, Gait Phase Effects in Mobile Interaction Proc. CHI 2005, Portland. [bibtex]
  2004 P. Eslambolchilar, A. Crossan, R. Murray-Smith Model-based target sonification on mobile devices International Workshop on Interactive Sonification (Human Interaction with Auditory Displays), eds. A. Hunt, Th. Hermann, Bielefeld, Germany [bibtex]
  2004 A. Crossan, R. Murray-Smith Variability in Wrist-Tilt Accelerometer-based Gesture Interfaces Proc. Mobile HCI [bibtex]
  2004 A. Crossan, J. Williamson, R. Murray-Smith Haptic Granular Syntheses: Targeting, Visualisation and Texturing International Symposium on Non-visual and Multimodal Visualization, London, IEEE Computer Society [bibtex]

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