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  2009 J.M Escaño, C. Bordons, C. Vilas, M.R. Garcia, A.A. Alonso Neurofuzzy model based predictive control for thermal batch processes Journal of Process Control, 19(9), pp1566-1575 [bibtex]
  2009 T.K. Saha, R.H. Middleton and A. Thomas Understanding frequency & time domain polarisation methods for the insulation condition assessment of power transformers IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting, pp1-8. DOI: 10.1109/PES.2009.5275851 [bibtex]
  2009 Wulff, K., Wirth, F. and Shorten, R. A control design method for a class of SISO switched linear systems Automatica, , 45(11), pp2592-2596. [bibtex]
  2009 Corless, M., King, C. and Shorten, R. A result on second order non-linear operators arising in high-speed networking applications Automatica, , 45(5), pp1207-1214 [bibtex]
  2009 W. M. Griggs, C. K. King, R. N. Shorten, O. Mason and K. Wulff A geometrical treatment for obtaining necessary and sufficient conditions for joint quadratic Lyapunov function existence for state-dependent, switched systems: a two-dimensional case 17th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, Thessaloniki, Greece, pp1337-1342 [bibtex]
  2008 V. G. Subramanian Large Deviations Of Max-Weight Scheduling On Convex Rate Regions Proceedings of ITA 2008, UCSD [bibtex]
  2008 V. G. Subramanian, K. R. Duffy, M. L. Turner and P. D. Hodgkin Determining the expected variability of immune responses using the Cyton Model Journal of Mathematical Biology, 56(6), pp861-892 [bibtex]
  2008 V. Badarla, D. Malone, D.J. Leith Implementing TCP Flow-Level Fairness Using 802.11e in a Multi-Radio Mesh Testbed. IEEE Communications Letters, 12(4), pp262-265. DOI: 10.1109/LCOMM.2008.072083 [bibtex]
  2008 Tianji Li Improving Performance for CSMA/CA Based Wireless Networks. PhD Thesis, Hamilton Institute, NUI Maynooth, Ireland. [bibtex]
  2008 Tianji Li, Douglas Leith Adaptive Buffer Sizing for TCP Flows in 802.11e WLANs Proc. Chinacom 2008 [bibtex]
  2008 T. Li, D.J. Leith, D. Malone and V. Badarla Achieving End-to-end Fairness in 802.11e Based Wireless Multi-hop Mesh Networks Proc. Chinacom 2008, pp601-605. DOI: 10.1109/CHINACOM.2008.4685099 [bibtex]
  2008 Tianji Li and D. Leith Buffer Sizing for TCP Flows in 802.11e WLANs. IEEE Communications Letters, 12(3), pp216-218. DOI: 10.1109/LCOMM.2008.071882 [bibtex]
  2008 T. Coleman, N. Kiyavash and V. G. Subramanian Alternate proof of rate-distortion function of a Poisson Process. Proceedings of IEEE DCC2008 [bibtex]
  2008 Solmaz S., Shorten R., Wulff K., O'Cairbre F. A design methodology for switched discrete time linear systems with applications to automotive roll dynamics control. Automatica, 44(9) [bibtex]
  2008 Solmaz S., Akar M., Shorten R. Center of Gravity Estimation and Rollover Prevention Using Multiple Models and Controllers. Proceedings of the 14th Yale workshop on adaptive and learning systems, pp177-183 [bibtex]
  2008 Solmaz S., Akar M., Shorten R. Adaptive Rollover Prevention for Automotive Vehicles with Differential Braking Proc IFAC Word Congress [bibtex]
  2008 S. Bodas, S. Viswanath and V. G. Subramanian Random Access over Multiple Access Channels: A Queueing Perspective. Proceedings of CISS2008 [bibtex]
  2008 P. Wellstead, E. Bullinger, D. Kalamatianos, O. Mason and M. Verwoerd The Role of Control and System Theory in Systems Biology. Annual Reviews in Control, 32, pp33-47 [bibtex]
  2008 P. Paul, D. Kalamatianos, H. Duessmann, H. Huber Automatic quality assessment for fluorescence microscopy images. 8th IEEE International Conference on BioInformatics and BioEngineering, 2008. BIBE 2008. [bibtex]
  2008 P. Paul, D. Kalamatianos, H. Duessmann, H. Huber Automated live cell image segmentation for on-line high-content screening 9th International Conference on Systems Biology [bibtex]
  2008 P. Lezana, J. Rodríguez, and D. Oyarzun Cascaded multilevel inverter with regeneration capability and reduced number of switches. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 55, pp1059-1066 [bibtex]
  2008 M. Boerlage, R.H. Middleton and M. Steinbuch Rejection of fixed direction disturbances in multivariable electromechanical motion systems. Proceedings of 17th IFAC World Congress [bibtex]
  2008 L. Wiklendt, S. Chalup, and R.H. Middleton A small spiking neural network with LQR control applied to the acrobot Neural Computing and Applications, 18(4), pp369-375. DOI: 10.1007/s00521-008-0187-1 [bibtex]
  2008 Keith Neo Nonlinear Dynamics Identification Using Gaussian Process Prior Models Within a Bayesian Context. PhD Thesis, Hamilton Institute, NUI Maynooth, Ireland [bibtex]
  2008 K.D. Huang, K.R. Duffy, D. Malone and D.J. Leith Investigating the validity of IEEE 802.11 MAC modeling hypotheses. Proc. IEEE PIMRC 15-18th September 2008, Cannes, France.. DOI: 10.1109/PIMRC.2008.4699914 [bibtex]
  2008 K. Duffy, N. O'Connell and A. Sapozhnikov Complexity analysis of a decentralised graph colouring algorithm. Information Processing Letters, 107(2), pp60-63. DOI: 10.1016/j.ipl.2008.01.002 [bibtex]
  2008 K. Duffy and D. Malone Logarithmic asymptotics for a single-server processing distinguishable sources. Mathematical Methods of Operations Research, 68(3), pp509-537. DOI: 10.1007/s00186-007-0189-2 [bibtex]
  2008 K. Duffy and A. Sapozhnikov The Large Deviation Principle for the on/off Weibull sojourn process. Journal of Applied Probability, 45(1), pp107-117. DOI: 10.1239/jap/1208358955 [bibtex]
  2008 J.S. Freudenberg and R.H. Middleton, Feedback control performance over a noisy communication channel Proceedings of the Information Theory Workshop, Porto [bibtex]
  2008 J. S. Freudenberg, R. H. Middleton, and J. H. Braslavsky Minimum Variance Control over a Gaussian Communication Channel Proceedings of 2008 American Control Conference [bibtex]
  2008 J. Chen, S. Hara, L. Qiu, and R.H. Middleton Best Achievable Tracking Performance in Sampled-Data Systems via LTI Controllers IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 53(11), pp2467-2479 [bibtex]
  2008 Ian Dangerfield Wireless Network Measurement: voIP and 802.11e. MSc Thesis, Hamilton Institute, NUI Maynooth, Ireland [bibtex]
  2008 Gavin McCullagh Exploring Delay-based TCP Congestion Control. MSc Thesis, Hamilton Institute, NUI Maynooth, Ireland. [bibtex]
  2008 F. Knorn, D.J. Leith Adaptive Kalman Filtering for Anomaly Detection in Software Appliance. Proc. INFOCOM Workshop on Automated Network Management (ANM), Phoenix, AZ, USA. [bibtex]
  2008 Douglas Leith, Robert Shorten Next Generation TCP: Open Questions. Proc. PFLDnet 2008 [bibtex]
  2008 Douglas Leith, Lachlan Andrew,Tom Quetchenbach, Robert Shorten, Kfir Lavi Experimental Evaluation of Delay/Loss-based TCP Congestion Control Algorithms Proc. PFLDnet 2008 [bibtex]
  2008 D. Oyarzun, B. Ingalls, R. Middleton, and D. Kalamatianos Optimal metabolic pathway activation. Proceedings of the 17th IFAC World Congress, Seoul, Korea. [bibtex]
  2008 D. Malone Observations of IPv6 Addresses. Passive and Active Measurement Conference (PAM 2008, LNCS 4979).. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-79232-1_3 [bibtex]
  2008 D. Malone, D.J. Leith, A. Aggarwal, I. Dangerfield Spurious TCP Timeouts in 802.11 Networks. Workshop on Wireless Network Measurement (WiNMee 2008).. DOI: 10.1109/WIOPT.2008.4586034 [bibtex]
  2008 A.J. Rojas, R.H. Middleton, J.S. Freudenberg and J.H. Braslvasky Input Disturbance Rejection in Channel Signal-to-Noise Ratio Constrained Feedback Control Proceedings of 2008 American Control Conference [bibtex]
  2008 A.J. Rojas, R.H. Middleton and J.S. Freudenberg Infimal Feedback Capacity for a Class of Additive Coloured Gaussian Noise Channels Proceedings of 17th IFAC World Congress [bibtex]
  2008 A.J. Rojas, J.H. Braslavsky, and R.H. Middleton Channel Signal-to-Noise Ratio Constrained Feedback Control: Performance and Robustness IET Control Theory & Applications, 2(7), pp595-605 [bibtex]
  2008 Y. Zhang, W.E. Leithead, D.J.Leith Log-Det Approximation Based on Uniformly Distributed Seeds and its Application to Gaussian Process Regression. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 220(1), pp198-214. DOI: 10.1016/ [bibtex]
  2008 Solmaz S., Akar M., Shorten R., Kalkkuhl J. Realtime Multiple-Model Estimation of Center of Gravity Position in Automotive Vehicles. Vehicle System Dynamics Journal, 46(9), pp763-788 [bibtex]
  2008 M. Verwoerd and O. Mason Global phase-locking in finite populations of phase-coupled oscillators SIAM journal of Applied Dynamical Systems, 7(1), pp134-160 [bibtex]
  2008 D. Miller and R.H. Middleton On Limitations to the Achievable Path Following Performance for Linear Multivariable Plants IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 53(11), pp2586-2601. DOI: 10.1109/TAC.2008.2008781 [bibtex]
  2008 Vijay G. Subramanian and D. J. Leith. On a class of optimal rateless codes. Proceedings of Allerton Conference 2008 [bibtex]
  2008 S. Kittipiyakul, T. Javidi and Vijay G. Subramanian. Many Sources Large Deviations of Max-Weight Scheduling. Proceedings of Allerton Conference 2008 [bibtex]
  2008 Mark C. Readman, Martin Corless, Carlos Villegas and Robert Shorten Self-tuning for disturbance transmission decoupling in active vehicle suspensions. Proc. ACC 2008 Seattle [bibtex]
  2008 M. Boerlage, R.H. Middleton, M. Steinbuch, and B. de Jager Rejection of fixed direction disturbances in multivariable electromechanical motion systems, Automatica [bibtex]

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