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  2004 Shorten, R.N., Leith, D.J., H-TCP: TCP for high-speed and long-distance networks Proc. PFLDnet, Argonne, 2004. [bibtex]
  2004 Shorten, R.N., Leith, D.J., Wellstead,P Adaptive Congestion Control for the Internet Proc. Networking 2004. [bibtex]
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  2004 Qiang Ni, Lamia Romdhani, and Thierry Turletti A Survey of QoS Enhancements for IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN Wiley Journal of Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing (JWCMC), 4(5), pp547-566 [bibtex]
  2004 P. Paul, O. Fleig, S. Tranchant and P. Jannin Performance evaluation of a stereoscopic based 3D surface localiser for image-guided neurosurgery Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv Int Conf 510-7 [bibtex]
  2004 P. Eslambolchilar, R.Murray-Smith Tilt-based Automatic Zooming and Scaling in Mobile Devices - a state-space implementation Proc. Mobile HCI, 2004. [bibtex]
  2004 P. Eslambolchilar, J. Williamson, R. Murray-Smith Multimodal Feedback for tilt controlled Speed Dependent Automatic Zooming Proc. UIST 2004, Santa Fe [bibtex]
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  2004 P. D. O'Grady and Barak A. Pearlmutter Soft-LOST: EM on a Mixture of Oriented Lines Proc. ICA2004 [bibtex]
  2004 Oliver Mason Switched Systems, Convex Cones and Common Lyapunov Functions. PhD Thesis, Hamilton Institute, NUI Maynooth, Ireland. [bibtex]
  2004 O. Mason and R. Shorten Some results on the stability of positive switched linear systems IEEE Conference on Decision and Control [bibtex]
  2004 M. Verwoerd, G. Meinsma, T. de Vries On the parameterization of all admissible pairs in a class of CCF-ILC algorithms Proceedings of the American Control Conference, Boston, 2007, pp. 5156-5157 [bibtex]
  2004 M. Verwoerd, G. Meinsma, T. de Vries A class of non-contractive, trial-dependent update rules for iterative learning control Proceedings of the American Control Conference, Boston, 2007, pp. 5132-5137 [bibtex]
  2004 Leith,D.J., Shorten, R.N Modelling TCP Throughout and Fairness Proc. Networking 2004. [bibtex]
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  2004 Kocijan, J, Leith,D Derivative Observations Used in Predictive Control Proc. MELECON2004, Dubrovnik. [bibtex]
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  2004 J. Williamson, R. Murray-Smith Pointing without a pointer Proc. ACM SIG CHI, Vienna, [bibtex]
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  2004 S Duncan and P Wellstead Processing Data form Scanning Gauges on Industrial Web Processes Automatica, 40, pp431-437 [bibtex]
  2004 Vilaplana,M, Leith.D.J., Leithead,W.E., Kalkkuhl, J. Control of Sideslip and Yaw Rate in Cars Equipped with 4-Wheel Steer-by-Wire Proc. SAE 2004 Automotive Dynamics Stability & Controls Conference, Detroit [bibtex]
  2004 Vilaplana,M., Mason.O., Leith, D.J., Leithead,W.E., Kalkkuhl, J., Nonlinear Control of Four-Wheel Steering Cars with Actuator Constraints Proc. NOLCOS 2004, Stuttgart [bibtex]
  2004 Shorten,R.N., Leith,D.J Positive Systems and the Internet Proc. Workshop on Non-negative Matrices, Maynooth [bibtex]
  2004 Leith,D.J., Heidl, M., Ringwood, J Electrical Load Forecasting Using
 Models Based on Gaussian Process Priors Proc. IEEE Int. Conference on Probabilisic Methods Applied to Power Systems [bibtex]
  2004 Sung Chan Jun and Barak A. Pearlmutter Subject-Independent Magnetoencephalographic Source Localization by a Multilayer Perceptron Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 16. MIT Press [bibtex]
  2004 R.N.Shorten, F.Wirth, D.J.Leith Positive matrices and the Internet Hi Technical Report, April 2004 [bibtex]
  2003 Robert Shorten, P. Curran, Kai Wulff On time-domain multiplier criteria for single-input single-output systems Proceedings. 42nd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2003.. DOI: 10.1109/CDC.2003.1271898 [bibtex]
  2003 Yunong Zhang, Shuzhi Sam Ge A general recurrent neural network model for time-varying matrix inversion Proc. IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Hawaii, USA, pp. 6169-6174. [bibtex]
  2003 Yunong Zhang, Jun Wang, Youshen Xia A dual neural network for redundancy resolution of kinematically redundant manipulators subject to joint limits and joint velocity limits IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, 14(3), pp658-667 [bibtex]
  2003 W.E. Leithead, E. Solak, D.J. Leith Direct Identification of Nonlinear Structure Using Gaussian Process Prior Models Proc. European Control Conference, Cambridge. [bibtex]

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