Hamilton Institute Spring 2005 Experimental Measurements

(Scalable-TCP, High-Speed TCP, FAST-TCP, BIC-TCP, H-TCP, Standard-TCP)

1. Experimental setup (incl. software)
2. Summary Plots (clickable)

3. Report

Results of this work have appeared in the following publications:

Yee, T., D. Leith, R. Shorten, Experimental evaluation of high-speed congestion control protocols, Transactions on Networking, to appear.

Li, Y.T., Leith,D.J., Even,B., Evaluating the Performance of TCP Stacks for High-Speed Networks. Proc. Protocols for Fast Long Distance Networks 2006, Nara, Japan.

Leith, D.J., Advanced TCP Protocols. Proc Terena Conference 2005, Poznan, Poland.


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