Fairness between competing Standard TCP and New-TCP flows with shared bottleneck link and same RTT

Dumbbell toplogy, shared bottleneck link, same RTT, first flow uses New-TCP stack, second flow uses Standard TCP. Router queue is 20% BDP. Experimental setup details.

Graphs are clickable – click on data points to see cwnd and throughput time histories. (Graph data points are the average of at least 5 test runs. Clickable time histories show one test run – the others are available by searching the database).


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FAST/Std, 16ms RTT, 250Mb/s FAST/Std, 22ms RTT, 250Mb/s FAST/Std, 42ms RTT, 250Mb/s FAST/Std, 82ms RTT, 250Mb/s FAST/Std, 162ms RTT, 250Mb/s Scalable/Std, 16ms RTT, 250Mb/s Scalable/Std, 22ms RTT, 250Mb/s Scalable/Std, 42ms RTT, 250Mb/s Scalable/Std, 82ms RTT, 250Mb/s Scalable/Std, 162ms RTT, 250Mb/s HS/Std, 16ms RTT, 250Mb/s HS/Std, 22ms RTT, 250Mb/s HS/Std, 42ms RTT, 250Mb/s HS/Std, 82ms RTT, 250Mb/s HS/Std, 162ms RTT, 250Mb/s BIC/Std, 16ms RTT, 250Mb/s BIC/Std, 22ms RTT, 250Mb/s BIC/Std, 42ms RTT, 250Mb/s BIC/Std, 82ms RTT, 250Mb/s BIC/Std, 162ms RTT, 250Mb/s HTCP/Std, 16ms RTT, 250Mb/s HTCP/Std, 22ms RTT, 250Mb/s HTCP/Std, 42ms RTT, 250Mb/s HTCP/Std, 82ms RTT, 250Mb/s HTCP/Std, 162ms RTT, 250Mb/s FAST/Std, 16ms RTT, 10Mb/s FAST/Std, 22ms RTT, 10Mb/s FAST/Std, 42ms RTT, 10Mb/s FAST/Std, 82ms RTT, 10Mb/s Scalable/Std, 22ms RTT, 10Mb/s Scalable/Std, 42ms RTT, 10Mb/s Scalable/Std, 82ms RTT, 10Mb/s Scalable/Std, 162ms RTT, 10Mb/s HTCP/Std, 16ms RTT, 10Mb/s HTCP/Std, 22ms RTT, 10Mb/s HTCP/Std, 42ms RTT, 10Mb/s HTCP/Std, 82ms RTT, 10Mb/s HTCP/Std, 162ms RTT, 10Mb/s BIC/Std, 162ms RTT, 10Mb/s BIC/Std, 82ms RTT, 10Mb/s BIC/Std, 42ms RTT, 10Mb/s FAST/Std, 162ms RTT, 10Mb/s Std/Std, 16ms RTT, 10Mb/s Std/Std, 22ms RTT, 10Mb/s Std/Std, 42ms RTT, 10Mb/s Std/Std, 82ms RTT, 10Mb/s Std/Std, 162ms RTT, 10Mb/s