Internal Seminars

Date Title
  Oct 2, 2007 Rade Stanojevic: "Enforcing fairness with small state information"
  Oct 23, 2007 Steven Strachan: "Multimodal, Embodied and Location-Aware Interaction"
  Oct 30, 2007 Domenico Giustiniano "802.11 MAC/PHY Channel Quality Measurements"
  Nov 28, 2007 Diego Oyarzun: 'Optimal control as a rationale for metabolic regulation'
  Dec 4, 2007 Andrea Weisse: 'Studying variability in dynamical systems - An adaptive approach to propagating probability distributions'
  Jan 15, 2008 Tianji Li: Improving Medium Access Layer Performance in CSMA/CA Networks
  Jan 29, 2008 Max von Kleist: Estimating the probability of treatment-resistance during HIV infection.
  Mar 11, 2008 Ben-Fillippo Krippendorff: Modelling drug elimination by receptor-mediated endocytosis
  Mar 26, 2008 Mathieu Cloutier: Dynamic modelling of plant cells metabolism for the control and optimization of bioreactor cultures
  Apr 16, 2008 Jorge dos Santos Ferreira: Dynamics behind cell networks
  May 27, 2008 Perrine Paul: Image Guided Neurosurgery - Mixed Visualization and Quantification of Intra operative Brain Deformations
  Jun 4, 2008 Florian Knorn: Adaptive Kalman Filtering for Anomaly Detection in Software Appliances
  Jul 1, 2008 Carlos Villegas: Adaptive Williams Filters
  Sep 16, 2008 Kaidi Huang: Validity of IEEE 802.11 MAC Modelling Hypotheses
  Sep 26, 2008 Steffi Klinge: Stability Issues in Distributed Systems of Vehicle Platoons
  Oct 16, 2008 Daniel Goehring: Multi-Agent World Modeling Techniques in RoboCup (12-12:45pm)
  Feb 24, 2010 A combinatoric approach to identifying almost invariant aggregates in nearly uncoupled Markov chains (joint work with Steve Kirkland) Ryan Tifenbach
  Feb 11, 2011 Kalman Filtering approach for Localisation in RobotSoccer Sonja Stuedli, ETH Zurich
  Jun 3, 2011 An Introduction to R Ms. Corinne Walz
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  Jun 16, 2011 My PhD Life in Hamilton Kaidi Huang
  Jun 28, 2011 Low Power Listening with Wake-up after Transmissions MAC for WSNs

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