Internal Seminars

Date Title
  Jun 28, 2011 Low Power Listening with Wake-up after Transmissions MAC for WSNs
  Jun 16, 2011 My PhD Life in Hamilton Kaidi Huang
  Jun 3, 2011 An Introduction to R Ms. Corinne Walz
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  Feb 11, 2011 Kalman Filtering approach for Localisation in RobotSoccer Sonja Stuedli, ETH Zurich
  Feb 24, 2010 A combinatoric approach to identifying almost invariant aggregates in nearly uncoupled Markov chains (joint work with Steve Kirkland) Ryan Tifenbach
  Oct 16, 2008 Daniel Goehring: Multi-Agent World Modeling Techniques in RoboCup (12-12:45pm)
  Sep 26, 2008 Steffi Klinge: Stability Issues in Distributed Systems of Vehicle Platoons
  Sep 16, 2008 Kaidi Huang: Validity of IEEE 802.11 MAC Modelling Hypotheses
  Jul 1, 2008 Carlos Villegas: Adaptive Williams Filters
  Jun 4, 2008 Florian Knorn: Adaptive Kalman Filtering for Anomaly Detection in Software Appliances
  May 27, 2008 Perrine Paul: Image Guided Neurosurgery - Mixed Visualization and Quantification of Intra operative Brain Deformations
  Apr 16, 2008 Jorge dos Santos Ferreira: Dynamics behind cell networks
  Mar 26, 2008 Mathieu Cloutier: Dynamic modelling of plant cells metabolism for the control and optimization of bioreactor cultures
  Mar 11, 2008 Ben-Fillippo Krippendorff: Modelling drug elimination by receptor-mediated endocytosis
  Jan 29, 2008 Max von Kleist: Estimating the probability of treatment-resistance during HIV infection.
  Jan 15, 2008 Tianji Li: Improving Medium Access Layer Performance in CSMA/CA Networks
  Dec 4, 2007 Andrea Weisse: 'Studying variability in dynamical systems - An adaptive approach to propagating probability distributions'
  Nov 28, 2007 Diego Oyarzun: 'Optimal control as a rationale for metabolic regulation'
  Oct 30, 2007 Domenico Giustiniano "802.11 MAC/PHY Channel Quality Measurements"
  Oct 23, 2007 Steven Strachan: "Multimodal, Embodied and Location-Aware Interaction"
  Oct 2, 2007 Rade Stanojevic: "Enforcing fairness with small state information"

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