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Systems Biology lies at the interface between biology and the mathematics of dynamical systems. At the Hamilton Institute our skills are in the analysis of dynamical systems, control engineering, applied mathematics and computing. We use this to pursue a systems approach to biology in collaboration with biologist and biochemists both locally and internationally. An overriding theme is to contribute to a systems understanding of neurodegeneration. In this context, and as described in the Research section of this site, our work can be divided into two fundamental research areas:

Our main application area is in The Systems of Parkinson's Disease, in which we use the theory and methods of systems biology to build models and analyse the elements of this disease.


Feb 8, 2010 1st Symposium on Systems Approaches to Parkinson's Disease, Hamilton Institute

Image: 1st Symposium on Systems Approaches to Parkinson's Disease

Nov 25, 2009 3rd International Workshop on Systems Biology, Hamilton Institute
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Image: 3rd International Workshop on Systems Biology