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Job opportunities

We are always interested to receive inquires from suitably qualified people who might wish to join one of our research teams either as a PhD student or as a Post Doctoral research fellow. We have a reserve fund which allows us to support outstanding applicants, but we also draw potential applicants to the funds available from SFI and other EU funds.

May 2010 Phd positions
  How neurons migrate: In silico study of neuronal migration in the brain

This vacancy is to study the mechanisms of neuronal migration during early formation of the brain. Neuronal migration is a complex biological phenomenon that involves numerous interactions between processes at different levels. These are mediated and modulated by molecular mechanisms within and between neurons, which sense glial cells and extracellular factors in their environment. The organisation of neurons in the brain emerges dynamically from the collective behaviour of individual migrating neurons. This project aims at developing an executable visual model for neuronal migration using software engineering and computational simulation techniques. The goal is to create a computational platform for comprehensive theoretical study of the biological system, and together with experimental collaborators validate the model predictions. Such a platform will provide a dynamical description of the process and will permit a theoretical in silico study. In the long term, understanding the mechanisms of migration may help us to identify what may go wrong in this process and prevent it, avoiding malformations and other disorders. The position is funded by the Microsoft Research Scholarship Programme.

Required skills

Candidates should hold a degree in Engineering/Computer Sciences or a related field.
Some background in biology or biochemistry is highly desirable.
Strong scientific record in the area of computational and mathematical modelling.
Good communication, interpersonal and presentation skills.
Proficiency in both written and spoken English.

Duration and Salary

The position is available for a 3-years period (start date by negotiation) with an annual stipend of €16,000 (tax-free).

Further Information

Additional information about the post can be obtained from Dimitris Kalamatianos ( or Hillel Kugler ( For further information on the Hamilton Institute and the Systems Biology Group, please refer to: and


To apply, candidates should submit by June 30th, 2010 a detailed CV, including a list of publications (if available), motivation letter, scientific interests, as well as the names and addresses of at least two referees for letters of recommendation to: