International Workshop on Network Science

22-23 August 2011

Speakers' welcome reception, Sunday 21st August

18.00 in Renehan Hall, NUI Maynooth.

Programme, Monday 22nd August

9.00 Coffee
9.30 Opening address by Philip Nolan, President NUIM.
9.40 Fionn Murtagh, Director ICT, Science Foundation Ireland.
Morning, chair: Rick Middleton
10.00 Sean Meyn, "Mean-field game methods in estimation and control".
10.45 Muriel Medard, "The high, the low and the ugly - on the capacity of wireless networks."
11.30 Ken Duffy, "Decentralized constraint satisfaction".
12.15 Lunch
Afternoon I, chair: Premkumar Karumbu
14.00 Steven Low, "Caltech smart grid research".
14.40 Alexandre Proutière, "Mean field routing games in large networks".
15.30 Kin Leung, "Wireless ad-hoc networks: models, optimization and protocols".
16.15 Coffee
Afternoon II, chair: Brad Zarikoff
16.30 James Gleeson, "Approximation methods for stochastic dynamics on complex networks".
17.15 Nicole Immorlica, "Emergence of cooperation in social networks".
19.00 Speakers' dinner in the Stonehaven restaurant, Maynooth.

Programme, Tuesday 23nd August

Morning I, chair: Doug Leith
9.00 Ayalvadi Ganesh, "Load balancing via random local search in closed and open systems".
9.45 Eytan Modiano, "Network scheduling with a mix of heavy-tailed and light-tailed traffic".
10.30 Coffee
Morning II, chair: David Malone
10.45 Nick Duffield, "Structure aware sampling on data streams".
11.30 Thomas Bonald, "Statistical bandwidth sharing in data networks".
12.15 Lunch
Afternoon I, chair: Paul Patras
14.00 Doug Leith, "Building fair 802.11 wireless mesh networks".
14.45 Sanjay Shakkottai, "Scheduling with delayed network state information in wireless networks".
15.30 Sem Borst, "Backlog-based random access in wireless networks: delay issues and fluid limits".
16.15 Coffee
Afternoon II, chair: Ken Duffy
16.30 Anurag Kumar, "Optimal relaying in networks with intermittent links".
17.15 Guiseppe Bianchi, "Tools and techniques for real-time analysis of massive streaming data".
18.00 Closing remarks