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The Image to Mathematical Model Transition (IMMT) facility aims to:

  • Develop new algorithmic methods that perform the transition from temporal/spatial images to a quantitative mathematical representation of the corresponding dynamical and spatial variations.

  • Distribute these algorithms throughout the platform by means of a software simulation and modelling workbench.


  • Hamilton Institute, NUIM

  • Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)

  • University College Cork (UCC)


The IMMT facility is part of a National Biophotonics Imaging Platform (NBIP), a 30m network funded under HEA - Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions.

NBIP is the largest European network in Biological Imaging and its mission is to provide an integrated national infrastructure in research, education, technology development and industry collaboration for Biophotonics and Imaging. For further information on NBIP visit: