Workshop on Linear Algebra & Applications

17 October 2011 — Hamilton Institute

Video recordings

The video recordings of the talks are now available online:

Shmuel Friedland:  “From nonnegative matrices to nonnegative tensors”
Raphael Loewy:  “Maximal exponents of polyhedral cones”
Thomas J. Laffey:  “Some relationships between formal power series and nonnegative matrices”
Patrizio Colaneri:  “Essentially Negative News About Positive Systems”
Karl-Heinz Förster:  “On the Block Numerical Range of Operators in Banach Spaces”
Helena Šmigoc:  “The Symmetric Nonnegative Inverse Eigenvalue Problem”
Steve Kirkland:  “Load balancing for Markov chains”
Abraham Berman:  “Diagonal Stability and Completely Positive Matrices”