As part of the NCNRC, the project is building a range of testbeds to allow detailed real-time verification of the the major research topics.
The focus is initially on supporting the Phase 1 802.11 family of technologies, with planned migration to 802.16 and Beyond 3G.
The challenge is to build an open source platform that will provide detailed wireless algorithm exploration, measurement, monitoring and diagnosis.
The diagram below illustrates the range of test benches and test beds available. The test bench setups generally involve either a point to point wireless network, and are used to explore in algorithms or components. The lab based testbeds generally involve a number of wireless nodes configured in infrastructure or ad-hoc mode to examine network issues. The extended testbeds allow intra and inter-site issues of integrating heterogeneous wireless networks to be addressed, such as integration of Wireless LAN and 3G.

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