3G Testbed

  • Large-scale integrated testbed for systems of interest
  • Build upon ULMAN and earlier 3G testbed (R4)
    • origins in the IST ARROWS Project.
  • Extend 3G testbed
    • Rural/Urban macro cell with up to 5000 users
    • Full link simulation for a single user, and remainder emulated
    • Services: Conversational, Streaming, Interactive, Background
    • Provides QoS for standard non-aware QoS applications
    • Integrated Configuration and Management Tools
    • Evaluates signalling performance
  • Share specification and development work with Gandalf
    • Celtic Gandalf project (Ericsson (Ire), France Telecom, Telefonica +++)
    • Focus is to enable testing of Joint Radio Resource Management Algorithms
    • Project aims at contributing to Celtic PAN European Testbed

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