Home Institution!Title!Date!Name
University of Manchester, UK!Exploring Hallucinatory Percepts. !2008-11-12!Professor Richard Abadi
UC San Diego!Experimental Certification of Jet Engine Controllers. !2008-10-22!Prof Robert Bitmead
UC Davis!Patchy Solutions of Hamilton Jacobi Bellman Equations.!2008-05-23!Prof. Arthur Krener
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York!Passivity-Based Stability Analysis and Applications to Biochemical Reaction Networks.!2008-05-19! Murat Arcak
University of Bath!Input-to-State Stability of Differential Inclusions with Application to Hysteretic Feedback Systems.!2008-05-15!Professor E.P. Ryan
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich!Modelling the synapse: from numbers to networks!2009-01-14!Professor Eduardo Mendoza
Norwegian University of Life Sciences!Analysis of dynamical systems with steep sigmoidal response functions!2009-03-04!Professor Erik Plathe
University of California, Riverside!Extracellular Potassium Dynamics and Epileptogenesis!2009-01-21!Professor Maxim Bazhenov
Oxford Brookes University!Kinetic Modelling of Metabolism!2009-01-28!Professor David Fell
Technische Universitaet Ilmenau!Robust Stabilization by Linear Output Feedback!2009-01-07!Dr Markus Mueller
Boston University!On fair coexistence of wireless networks via CSMA based transmission algorithms!2009-06-25!Professor Murat Alanyali
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague!Probabilistic Interaction Networks!2009-04-29!Dr Rudolf Kulhavy
UCD!Decision Analysis of Merchant Transmission Investment!2009-03-02!Professor Chen-Ching Liu
Temple University, Philadelphia, USA!How I broke AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)---if I did it!2009-02-02!Dr Warren D. Smith
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA!Router Buffer Sizing Revisited: The Role of the Output/Input Capacity Ratio .!2008-10-14!Professor Constantine Dovrolis
University of Freiburg!Multivariate Time Series Analysis in Neurology!2009-05-06!Dr Bjoern Schelter
Martin-Luther-Universitaet Halle-Wittenberg!Value of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modelling for tumour patients!2009-03-12!Professor Charlotte Kloft
TCD!Model-Based Functional Brain Imaging and the Neurobiological Basis of Human Reinforcement-Learning!2009-03-10!Professor John O'Doherty
!Conformation Dynamics in Computational Drug Design!2009-07-28!Professor Peter Deuflhard
Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile!Bounds on the Achievable Performance of Control Systems subjectData-rate Constraints!2009-08-19!Dr Eduardo I. Silva
Cambridge Research Institute!How to understand the cell by breaking it - computational inference of cellular networks from gene perturbation screens!2009-06-11!Dr Florian Markowetz
University of Edinburgh!Counting and Sampling Contingency Tables!2009-04-22!Dr Mary Cryan
University of Oxford, UK!Can't move to the rhythm? Inappropriate neuronal synchrony and oscillations in Parkinson’s disease!2009-07-15!Dr Peter J. Magill
UCD!Linear-programming decoding of nonbinary LDPC codes!2009-07-24!Dr Vitaly Skachek
The Australian National University!Control and information architectures for formations!2009-09-07!Professor Brian D. O. Anderson
The Australian National University!Multivariable zero-free transfer functions and spectra, and their application in economic modelling!2009-09-11!Professor Brian D. O. Anderson
UCD!On the Design of Doubly-Generalized Low-Density Parity-Check Code!2009-08-26!Dr Mark Flanagan
Technical University of Eindhoven!Slotted versus non-slotted CSMA: throughputs and fairness!2009-10-14!Dr Vsevolod Shneer
Politecnico di Milano!Theoretical aspects of period control systems: an application to the Belgian chocolate problem!2009-07-10!Prof. Patrizio Colaneri
Danfoss, Denmark!From idea to product: best practices for improving the impact of product development in large organistations!2009-09-17!Dr Njal Pettit
Politecnico di Milano!Dwell time analysis of deterministic and stochastic switchedsystems!2009-07-21!Prof. Patrizio Colaneri
Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi!Asymptotic properties of Volterra equations!2009-08-17!Professor Ernesto Castellanos Velasco
UK!The Brain is an Embedding Machine!2009-09-30!Dr Richard Clement
University of Leeds!Stochastic modelling of T cell repertoire diversity!2009-11-18!Prof. Carmen Molina-Paris
National University of Ireland, Galway!A Phylogenetic Hidden Markov Model for Immune Epitope Discovery!2009-12-09!Professor Cathal Seoighe
Eindhoven, The Netherlands!Mathematical Challenges in the Electronics Industry!2009-10-19!Dr Joost Rommes
Eindhoven, The Netherlands!Mathematical Challenges in the Electronics Industry!2009-10-19!Dr Wil Hendrikus Schilders
University of Udine, Italy!Separation principles and controller realization for linear switching and LPV system!2009-10-01!Professor Franco Blanchini
Universite de Toulouse!Asymptotic Stability Region of Slotted Aloha!2010-03-03!Dr Charles Bordenave
Trinity College Dublin!Game Theory and Cognitive Networks: Application to Distributed Spectrum Sharing!2009-11-04!Professor Luiz A. DaSilva
Queen Mary, University of London!Large deviation theory and its applications in statistical mechanics!2010-03-24!Dr Hugo Touchette
Universita' di Padova!On the stabilization of discrete-time positive switchedsystems by means of Lyapunov based switching strategies!2010-02-19!Professor Maria Elena Valcher
!A combinatoric approach to identifying almost invariant aggregates in nearly uncoupled Markov chains (joint work with Steve Kirkland)!2010-02-24! Ryan Tifenbach
ETH Zurich!Systems Analysis of Cellular Networks Under Uncertainty!2010-04-08!Prof. Joerg Stelling
The National Digital Research Centre!The National Digital Research Centre: Overview, New Call for Proposals and Some Potential Topics for Proposals!2010-04-14! Amy Neale Kevin Smith
University of Illinois at Chicago!Computational Analysis of Dynamic Networks!2010-05-24!Dr Tanya Berger-Wolf
Silicon Speech, Santa Venetia, CA USA!How Does the Brain Go from Sound to Meaning?!2010-06-01! Steven Greenberg
University of Melbourne!Spectrum Sharing in Cognitive Radio with Quantized Channel Information!2010-07-15!Professor Subhrakanti Dey
University of Illinois!Decision-making under statistical uncertainty!2010-09-01!Dr Jayakrishnan Unnikrishnan
Moscow State University!Pólya problem on the conversion between determinant and permanent!2010-10-07!Professor Alexander Guterman
!Event-Driven Automation in Laser-Scanning Microscopy Applied to Live Cell Imaging!2010-12-15! Jakub Wenus
!Automated Segmentation of Speech Signals using Dynamic Programming Principles!2010-12-08! Darren Kavanagh
!Markov Chains, Directed Graphs, and the Kemeny Constant!2010-11-29!Prof. Steve Kirkland
ETH Zurich!Kalman Filtering approach for Localisation in RobotSoccer!2011-02-11! Sonja Stuedli
NUIM!Advances in non-linear distortion methods of synthesis and processing of musical signals!2011-03-23!Dr Victor Lazzarini
Fraunhofer FOKUS!Vehicle-2-x Communication!2011-02-18!Dr Ilja Radusch
Weizmann Institute, Israel!Programming stem cells: modeling stem cell dynamics and organ development!2011-02-23!Dr Yaakov Setty
University of New South Wales!Lifecycle of HIV-infected cells!2011-05-05!Dr Janka Petravic
!My PhD Life in Hamilton!2011-06-16! Kaidi Huang
!An Introduction to R!2011-06-03!Ms. Corinne Walz
Universita degli Studi di Roma - Tor Vergata!Fundamental delay bounds in peer-to-peer chunk-based real-time streaming systems!2011-08-11!Prof. Giuseppe Bianchi
Bremen, Germany!Humanoid Robot Soccer 101 (Keynote lecture from the Half‐day workshop on Autonomous Robotics)!2011-08-09!Dr. Thomas Röfer
!Robot Navigation and Mapping (Keynote lecture from the Half‐day workshop on Autonomous Robotics)!2011-08-09!Prof. John Leonard
WEHI, Australia!An evolutionary theory to bind together our molecular, cellular and systems based understanding of the immune response!2011-09-14!Professor Phil Hodgkin
University of Glasgow!Cluster Analysis in Educational Testing!2011-10-05!Dr Nema Dean
University of Illinois!From nonnegative matrices to nonnegative tensors!2011-10-17!Prof. Shmuel Friedland
Technion, Israel!Maximal exponents of polyhedral cones!2011-10-17!Prof. Raphael Loewy
University College Dublin!Some relationships between formal power series and nonnegative matrices!2011-10-17!Prof. Thomas J. Laffey
Politecnico di Milano!Essentially Negative News about Positive Systems!2011-10-17!Prof. Patrizio Colaneri
Technische Universität Berlin!On the Block Numerical Range of Operators in Banach Spaces!2011-10-17!Prof. Karl-Heinz Förster
University College Dublin!The Symmetric Nonnegative Inverse Eigenvalue Problem!2011-10-17!Dr. Helena Å migoc
!Load balancing for Markov chains!2011-10-17!Prof. Steve Kirkland
Technion!Diagonal Stability and Completely Positive Matrices!2011-10-17!Prof. Abraham Berman
University of Leeds!A stochastic T-cell response criterion !2011-11-23!Prof. Carmen Molina-Paris
University College London!CHAOSNETS: Building Scalable, Secure, and Reliable "Chaotic" Wireless Networks!2012-02-08!Dr Kyle Jamieson
University of Jyvaskyla, Finland!Juggler's exclusion process!2012-02-01!Professor Lasse Leskela
NUIM!Exploratory analysis of human mobility and activities from geo-referenced communication data streams!2012-01-19!Dr Alexei Pozdnoukhov
University of Limerick!Experiences in Industrial Mathematics in Ireland!2012-04-23!Professor Stephen O'Brien
NUIM!Geographically weighted regression: modelling spatial heterogeneity!2012-03-21! Martin Charlton
Inria!Exploit prediction to handle mobility in wireless ad hoc networks!2012-03-01!Dr Xu Li
IBM Research-Zurich!Privacy Challenges and Solutions for Medical Data Sharing!2012-03-08! Aris Gkoulalas-Divanis
!Cascade Dynamics on Complex Networks!2012-03-14! Adam Hackett
Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand!The Role of Kemeny's Constant in Properties of Markov Chains!2012-05-09!Professor Jeffrey J Hunter
EPFL Lausanne!Reaching Consensus about Gossip!2012-05-28!Professor Patrick Thiran
IBM T. J. Watson Research Lab, New Jersey, USA!Stochastic Models for Random-Access Wireless Networks!2012-06-13!Dr Peter van de Ven
University of Roma Tor Vergata!Cracking the cutoff window!2012-06-11! Carlo Lancia
Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK!On continuous counting and learning in a distributed system!2012-08-03!Dr Bozidar Radunovic
University of Texas at Austin!Networking Infrastructure and Data Management for Cyber-Physical Systems!2012-07-10! Song Han
!Multi-channel MAC protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks!2012-07-31! Cristina Cano
!In Search of Optimality: Network Coding for Wireless Networks!2012-08-29! Mohammad Chaudhry
INSA Lyon!Large-scale urban vehicular networks: mobility and connectivity!2012-10-05!Dr Marco Fiore
University of Victoria, BC, Canada!Dynamics of Some Cholera Models!2012-11-22!Professor Pauline van den Driessche
University of Brescia!Playing with Standards: the IEEE 802.11 case!2012-09-12!Dr Francesco Gringoli
Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia!Learning cell cycle variability at the level of each phase!2012-09-27! Tom Weber
UCC!EPT functions: Non-negativity analysis, Levy processes and Financial applications!2012-09-17!Professor Bernard Hanzon
University of Manchester!Autonomous Systems, Uncertainty and Feedback!2012-09-28!Dr. Alexander Lanzon
University Carlos III of Madrid!Distributed Opportunistic Scheduling: A Control Theoretic Approach!2012-10-10!Prof. Albert Banchs
CTTC, Barcelona!Machine-to-Machine in Smart Cities & Smart GridsVision, Technologies & Applications!2013-01-21!Dr Mischa Dohler
University of Thessaly, Greece!Effective information delivery through opportunistic replication in wireless networks!2012-11-28!Professor Leandros Tassiulas
Imperial College London!State Constrained Optimal Control!2012-11-29!Professor Richard Vinter
CTTC, Barcelona!Building Your CompanyFirst-Hand Account What Not To Do!2013-01-21!Dr Mischa Dohler
Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK!Efficiency and the Redistribution of Welfare!2013-02-07!Professor Milan Vojnovic
!Contributions to the Analysis of Biochemical Reaction-Diffusion Networks: Stability, Analysis and Numerical Solutions!2013-01-30! Fernando LopezCaamal
Supelec, France!Beyond LTE Networks: Massive (MIMO) or Small (Cells)!2013-04-05!Professor Merouane Debbah
Yale University!The Changing Face of Adaptive Control: The Use of Multiple Models!2013-02-22!Prof. Kumpati Narendra
!ROMA: Random Overlook Mastering ATFM!2013-03-21! Carlo Lancia
!How Machine Learning is Central to Facebook!2013-04-02!Dr. Joaquin Quinonero Candela
University of Pisa!Very high speed networking in VMs and bare metal!2013-07-05!Professor Luigi Rizzo
University of Birmingham!Periodicity of Matrix Powers in Max Algebra !2013-08-07!Dr Sergei Sergeev
MIT!Information Theory, Security and Privacy!2013-07-30!Mr. Flavio du Pin Calmon
WEHI, Australia!Ian Dangerfield Lecture - The story of antibody: A scientific journey from vaccines to blockbuster new therapies!2013-10-04!Professor Phil Hodgkin
!Polar Codes in Communication Networks!2013-10-10!Dr Mohammad Karzand
University of Edinburgh!Counting Euler Tours of directed and undirected Graphs!2013-10-14!Dr Mary Cryan
University of Leeds!Stochastic modelling and immunology: how many populations? how many cells? how many encounters?!2013-11-27!Dr Grant Lythe
Imperial College London!JOINT SEMINAR WITH THE DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY, NUIM From single B cells to the population level in vitro and in vivo:development of quantitative systems to screen therapeutics formanipulation of the antibody response!2013-11-22!Dr Edwin Hawkins
University of Warwick!Differentially Private Mechanisms for Data Release!2014-03-06!Professor Graham Cormode
NUIM!A view into the biomolecular world through the computational lens: why and how we run molecular simulations!2014-03-05!Dr Elisa Fadda
University of Limerick!Modelling adoption behaviour in the face of multiple choices!2014-03-19!Professor James Gleeson
TCD!Bayesian Approaches to Health Decision Science!2014-03-24!Professor Cathal Walsh
UCC!Noninterference Analysis of Delegation Subterfuge in Distributed Authorization Systems!2014-04-23!Dr Simon Foley
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven!Random-access Networks: Slow Transitions, Slow Mixing & Long Delays !2014-05-19! Alessandro Zocca
IMDEA Networks Institute!Design Considerations for Extremely High Frequency Wireless Networks!2014-09-26!Professor Joerg Widmer
University of Michigan!The Impact of Observation and Action Errors on InformationalCascades!2015-05-18!Professor Vijay Subramanian
Microsoft Research!Cybercrime and the Internet user: If things are so bad how come they're so good?!2015-09-16!Dr. Cormac Herley
KTH, Stockholm!Deep Learning and its exciting impact on computer vision!2016-10-07!Prof Josephine Sullivan