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Year Authors Title
  2008 F. Matthews, B. A. Pearlmutter, T. E. Ward, C. Soraghan, and C. Markham Hemodynamics for Brain-Computer Interfaces: Optical correlates of control signals IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, 25(1), pp87-94. DOI: 10.1109/MSP.2007.909011 [bibtex]
  2008 C. Soraghan, F. Matthews, C. Markham, B. A. Pearlmutter, R. O'Neill, and T. E. Ward A 12-channel, real- time near-infrared spectroscopy instrument for brain-computer interface applications Proc. 30th Annual International IEEE EMBS Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada [bibtex]
  2008 F. Matthews, C. Soraghan, T. E. Ward, C. Markham, and B. A. Pearlmutter Software platform for rapid prototyping of NIRS brain computer interfacing techniques 30th Annual International IEEE EMBS Conference, pages 4840-3, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada [bibtex]
  2006 C. Soraghan, F. Matthews, D. Kelly, T. Ward, C. Markham, B. A. Pearlmutter, and R. O'Neill. A dual-channel optical brain-computer interface in a gaming environment Proc. 9th Int. Conf. Computer Games: AI, Animation, Mobile, Educational and Serious Games, pages 35-9, Dublin, Ireland [bibtex]

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