1.      Robot manipulators and the related biomechanics research

2.      Recurrent Neural networks and circuits implementation

3.      Scientific computing & optimization such as Gaussian process regression

0. JAVA, OOP, TCP/IP, and … J …, in addition to the above researches.




The optimization part of Gaussian process regression, supported by the Science Foundation Ireland grant, 00/PI.1/C067, and by the EPSRC, GR/M76379/01, 2001-2006.

“Multilayer Recurrent Neural Networks for Real-Time Optimization and their Applications to Optimal Control of Kinematically Redundant Manipulators”, funded by the Hong Kong Research Grants Council (CUHK4165/98E), 1998-2001.

“Multilayer Recurrent Neural Networks for Synthesizing and Optimizing Robust Linear and Nonlinear Control Systems”, funded by the Hong Kong Research Grants Council (CUHK4150/97E), 1997-2000.

“The networked coin-payphone system and its Internet-based administration software”, sponsored by the Khung-Chou Global-Rise Telecommunication Enterprise Co. Ltd., Guangzhou, China, 1998-1999.

“Artificial Systems Mimicking Human Information Processing & Control”, funded by the South China University of Technology (SCUT960304), 1996-1999; which included:

Ø      The computer-aided Chinese rheumatism-diagnosing system (demo)”, 1998-1999;

Ø      “The printed English digits/letters recognition software (demo)”, 1998-1998;

Ø      “Variable-structure feedforward neural networks”, 1997-1998.

Text/Voice online-chatting software based on JAVA, TCP/IP, and GSM6.10 techniques” (, conducted in SCUT and CUHK, 1996-2001.

Automatic alarming and remote control system for cars”, conducted in HUST, 1996.