Recent years have witnessed an enormous growth in the number of applications for which non-negative matrices play a central role. Such applications are pervasive in engineering, communications systems and computer science, transport dynamics, biological systems and economics. Consequently, the study of non-negative matrices and positive linear systems has been pursued by a number of researchers working in different disciplines. The objective of the forthcoming workshop is to provide a stimulating environment for collegial interaction for academics and students from various disciplines working in the area. The total number of  participants will be strictly limited to 40-50.


Mathematical theory of nonnegative matrices
Nonnegative matrices in biology
Nonnegative matrices in communications
Nonnegative matrices and control
Nonnegative matrices in economics


Abraham Berman, Technion, Haifa, Israel
Thomas Laffey, University College Dublin, Ireland
Oliver Mason, Hamilton Institute, Maynooth, Ireland
Robert Shorten, Hamilton Institute, Maynooth, Ireland
Fabian Wirth, Hamilton Institute, Maynooth, Ireland