Starting the application

So now you've an X Server and an SSH tunnel you're ready to get things going. In this order:

  1. Start your X Server and minimize it's window.
  2. Start the ssh tunnel (eg PuTTY ) and note the DISPLAY.
  3. Go to the website, click ``login menu''. Login as usual.
  4. The website will now ask for your ``Access Method''. Choose ``X Display'' and type the DISPLAY we noted above, see Fig 4.
  5. Now execute the process you want through the website (eg Quest).
  6. Bring up the minimized X Server window. It should now have a text program running in it.
  7. As you normally would type term x and menu full10 and your application should appear, see Figs 5,6.

Figure 4: The Website: setting your Access Method after login

Figure 5: The X Server: the initial text interface

Figure 6: The X Server: the initial text interface

Gavin McCullagh 2004-05-07