Configuring PuTTY

PuTTY has no installer per sé, you need only copy the little program onto your pc. Run it and a configuration window should appear, see Fig 2. You need to enter the hostname and select SSH as your protocol. You may wish to save this session by naming it in the ``Saved Sessions'' dialog box and clicking save. This will save you entering all this information every time.9

Figure 1: Putty Configuration: hostname, protocol and sessions
You must now enable ``X11 forwarding''. To do this select ``Tunnels'' near the bottom along the left pane. In the new right pane, select ``Enable X11 Forwarding'', see Fig 2.

Figure 2: Putty Configuration: Enable X11 Forwarding
The final two steps are optional. You may for convenience wish to set your username on the database (it's the same as for the website) under the ``Auth'' settings. If you are finding the programs are very slow you could also enable the compression option under the ``SSH'' settings. Go back into ``sessions'' and save the session after all of these changes.

Gavin McCullagh 2004-05-07