CEmACS Project
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Information Society Technologies Sixth Framework Programme
2005Zeheb, E., Mason, O., Solmaz, S. and Shorten, R. On the quadratic stability of interval systems
2005Zeheb, E. and Shorten, R. Eigenvalue criteria for strict positive realess and related results
2005Wulff, K., Wirth, F. and Shorten, R. On the stabilisation of switched systems defined by N linear SISO systems
2005Sun, Z. and Shorten, R. On convergence rates for switched linear systems
2005Shorten, R., Wirth, F., Mason, O., Wulff, K. and King, C. Stability Criteria for Switched and Hybrid Systems
2005Selim Solmaz A Review of Multiple Model Estimation and Control
2005P. Tøndel, and T. A. Johansen Control allocation for Yaw Stabilization in Automotive Vehicles using Multiparametric Nonlinear Programming, in the American Control Conference, Portland, 2005
2005Mason, O., Zeheb, E., Shorten, R. and Solmaz, S. Some results on quadratic stability for switched systems with interval uncertainty
2005Mason, O., Shorten, R. and Solmaz, S. A generalised matrix inertia result for the existence of a CQLF for a part of matrices whose rank difference is 1 with regular inertia
2005Mason, O. and Shorten, R. The geometry of convex cones associated with the Lyapunov inequality and the CQLF problem
2005Mason, O. and Shorten, R. On the simultaneous diagonal stability of a pair of positive linear systems
2005M. Akar Adaptive robust tracking of nonlinear systems using multiple controllers and switching
2005M. Akar, A. Paul, M. G. Safonov and U. Mitra Conditions on the Stability of a Class of Second Order Switched Systems
2005L. S. Imsland, T. A. Johansen, T. I. Fossen, J. C. Kalkkuhl and A. Suissa Vehicle Velocity Estimation using Nonlinear Observers, in the IEEE Conf. Decision and Control, Sevilla, Spain
2005King, C. and Shorten, R. On the design of stable state dependent switching laws for SISO systems
2005J. Tjønnås, T. A. Johansen Optimizing Nonlinear Adaptive Control Allocation, in the IFAC World Congress, Prague, 2005
2005J. Hansen, R. Murray-Smith and T. A. Johansen Nonparametric Identification of Linearizations and Uncertainty using Gaussian Process Models - Application to Robust Wheel Slip Control, in the IEEE Conf. Decision and Control, Sevilla, Spain, 2005
2005A. Paul, M. Stefanovic, M. Safonov and M. Akar Multi-Controller Adaptive Control (MCAC) for a Tracking Problem Using an Unfalsification Approach
2004Shorten, R. and King, C. Spectral Conditions for Strict Positive Realness

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